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Dolly Parton Politely Rejects 'Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame' Nomination In The Most Dolly Way Possible

Dolly Parton Politely Rejects 'Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame' Nomination In The Most Dolly Way Possible
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As if she couldn't get any more iconic, today Dolly Parton rejected her 'Rock & Roll Hall of Fame' Nomination. Why? Because she felt like she hadn't quite finished doing enough iconicl stuff to deserve it.

In a social media statement on Monday the country singer wrote:

"“Even though I am extremely flattered and grateful to be nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I don’t feel that I have earned that right."

She went on to say she didn't want to split the votes, and that the nomination was instead inspiration for her to "put out a hopefully great rock ’n’ roll album at some point in the future.”

Seriously Dolly? Wow! Even after a decades-long career as a singer-songwriter, not to mention all her philanthropic work, she still feels like she's got work to do and some truly rock n' roll tunes to write. No wonder the Hall of Fame called her a "“living legend and a paragon of female empowerment." Girl is putting in a hustle way beyond 9-to-5.

Fans across the internet agree, this is the stuff of legends.

Just look at people gushing all over Dolly's Insta:




One fan pointed out this is just classic Dolly.

While Dolly is famous for being a prolific country singer, one fan on Twitter thinks she might want to explore a different genre.

Another fan said Dolly might not be Rock n' Roll, but she is 100% classy.

Folks were quick to point out Dolly has committed her life to serving others and using her fame for good.

Which definitely is praiseworthy.

This fan offered to help Dolly produce the rock album she mentioned in her post.

Many fans thought she deserved the nomination, even if she doesn't quite fit the rock genre.

One person thought Dolly should be in every Hall of Fame there is.

This super-fan thinks Dolly should skip the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and head straight for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Hall of Famer or not, the whole situation just reminds us—there are good reasons Dolly is so beloved.