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Parkland Victim's Father Had Some Powerful Words For Louis C.K. After His 'Joke' About The Survivors

Parkland Victim's Father Had Some Powerful Words For Louis C.K. After His 'Joke' About The Survivors
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Remember when Louis C.K.'s entire thing was self-effacement and what the comedy world calls "punching up"—speaking truth to power by ridiculing those who have it?

That was fun!

But apparently, in these times where women are like, "Hi there we have decided not to tolerate your sexual aggressions anymore, thank you ever so much" and advocates of the disabled and LGBTQ folk are like, "Hey maybe you could make jokes about something else because we've got enough problems, just a thought" Louis has clocked that there is money to be made pandering to the type of people whose weiners get sad when they have to be nice to women and feel removing a word or two from the lexicon equals censorship.

That is, Louis has decided to start punching down, so now his comedy centers on mocking children who dodged bullets in one of the worst massacres in US history, because there's humor to everything!

Even children being blown apart with guns!

If we can't laugh about it less than a year after it happened WHEN CAN WE I ASK YOU??????

Here's the bit in question:

"Because you went to a high school where kids got shot? Why does that mean I have to listen to you? Why does that make you interesting? You didn't got shot. You pushed some fat kid in the way, and now I've got to listen to you talking?"

Ooh wow! Sick burn! The hottest take!

No wonder he is regarded as one of our foremost comedic minds! Or at least he was till he got caught making women watch him masturbate.


As you might guess, this tight-five didn't go over very well with those with a sense of decency, but it also bombed big time with the parents whose children, may I again remind you, were blown apart by a gun while attending school. And one of them decided to go public.

Fred Guttenberg's daughter, Jamie, was murdered at Parkland, so he thought he'd throw his own hot take into the mix.

And, naturally, the trolls came out, and Mr. Guttenberg had words for them as well.

Also, can we take a moment to digest how calm and decent Mr. Guttenberg is in the face of cruelty that would have many people frothing at the mouth in rage?

Pretty remarkable.

Anyway the internet—or at least, the side of it with a sense of decency—lined up to support him.

But lest you think it was just angry randos going in on C.K., even his colleagues got in the mix.

No word from Louis yet on the backlash to his attempted jokes, though something tells me we ought not waste our time waiting. Why should he care, when his new career as an alt-right shill is off to such a sparkling start!