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TikToker Leaves Her Parents Completely Baffled After Sending Them A Fake Christmas Card

TikToker @prattylala had her parents utterly confused after sending them a card from 'Martha and Phillip.'

Stills from TikTok by @prattylala

The holidays: a season of food, laughter, coming together...and pranking your family members. In a video that has gone viral on Tiktok, El (@prattylala) set up a sweet yet diabolical prank on her parents.

She faked a nice Christmas card from friends "Martha and Philip" to her parents.

Martha and Philip, you see, are made up. She even went as far as getting a coworker to write the message so the handwriting wouldn't be hers.

The results are hilarious, as dad opens the card and immediately stares at it befuddled and gets increasingly confused through the rest of the clip, at times recruiting mom to help his memory, at times getting distracted by bread, but still placing the card onto the card shelf nevertheless.


All the best, Martha and Phillip #fakechristmascard #merrychristmas #allthebest

This is a truly delightful prank and it will absolutely ruin dad's sleep schedule.


How dare that couple compliment us like that!



Lots of people responded to the dad's continued repetition of just saying "Martha and Philip" over and over again.





He gets sweetness points for putting the card on the display anyway.




If she hasn't spilled the beans, this prank could go on for other holidays.




Dad is still perplexed, but it speaks to the spirit of the holiday that he put the card up anyway.

No word yet on whether we can expect more cards from Philip and Martha in the future though.