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Orlando Bloom Threw Some Shade At Pinterest While Showing Off His Corrected Morse Code Tattoo After People Called Out His Typo

Orlando Bloom Threw Some Shade At Pinterest While Showing Off His Corrected Morse Code Tattoo After People Called Out His Typo
David M. Benett / Contributor / Getty Images

Tons of people have their children's names tattooed on them.

Tons of people have misspelled tattoos.

Combining the two, well that's a bit more rare as most parents know how to spell their kids names.

Orlando Bloom managed it.

See, where Orlando (and most people with misspelled tattoos) went wrong is that he opted to tattoo his child's name in a language or style that he's not actually fluent in. In this particular instance we're talking Morse code.

The system of dots and dashes is one that Mr. Bloom clearly doesn't use often, or he would have caught the misspelling (or mis-dotting, in this case) right away. Instead, he ended up with a design that looked cool, but didn't spell his son's name.

Rather than spelling F-L-Y-N-N, a missing dot meant that the design spelled out F-R-Y-N-N. We don't know any Frynns. Neither does Orlando Bloom as far as we know.

Anyway, the internet called him out big time on that missing dot.

He ended up getting it corrected and adding a nod to his beloved dog. Both he and his artist posted about the fix on social media.

Here's Orlando's post:

And his artists:

Notice anything?

Like both parties blaming Pinterest? Yup, turns out celebrities can #PinterestFail just as hard as the rest of us.

They even went so far as to include the Morse code chart that Orlando Bloom used.

And yup, clear as day the L and the R are listed the same way. Dot dash dot. A correct L is dot dash dot dot.

It wouldn't have taken Bloom long to cross reference with another chart or two just to make absolutely certain. That seems especially prudent when getting tattoos in communication styles that aren't your own or ones you're fluent in.

Maybe he was just excited to pay tribute to his son, though, so we're hoping now that it's corrected people let it slide.

So what have we learned today?

First of all, celebrities are just normal people who can (and do) totally flub it sometimes. None of us are above Pinterest fails.

Secondly, check and double check your tattoos for spelling and punctuation. If you're getting ink done in a language you don't speak or write, have someone who does write fluently in that language check it over.

Otherwise, you run the risk of having a tattoo that says "potato" when you wanted it to say "brave" or something. Or, ya know, misspelling your kid's name and then having the internet yell at you for it.