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One Fan's Shouted Question To Britney Spears Has Quickly Become Concert Canon 😍

@ZacharyGordon95/Instagram, @RobertOw3n/Twitter

It's pretty rare that one passionate fan can change everything about a tour unless they've done something awful. Relax, this story will be exactly zero percent tragic. Unless, of course, you're a rabid Britney fan who wasn't able to get tickets for her tour. In that case, yeah you're gonna be pretty bummed... and we totally feel for you, 'cause you're missing Britney history in the making.

Wait, isn't every day a Britney-History-In-The-Making day?


Let's set the scene. You're at Britney's show at the Borgata in Atlantic City. You're surrounded by tons of other Britney fans. You hear the music for Gimme More start up. You know what's coming - possibly the most iconic line in all of Britneydom. What do you do? If you're Zachary Gordon, you take a deep breath and shout out the question like this is Jeopardy and you're about to take ALL of Alex Trebek's money, honey.

And of course you capture it all for the 'gram.

Zach may not have known it at the time, but he started a tour tradition in those few little seconds. People saw the video, were living for the moment, and entire crowds have started shouting "WHO IS IT!?!" at the beginning of the song.

Twitter is living for it.

The superfan who started it is loving his moment in the spotlight as well.

One person even has an idea on what Brit's next move should be.

Give the people what they want, Brit!


Yeah... they're sure.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Twitter, Instagram