Jealous Older Dog Doesn't Care For Puppy Stealing Its Spot—And Its Reaction Is Hilariously Pure

@Keally22/Twitter, @Jennybunny52/Twitter

Humans and dogs have loved each other for centuries at a level pretty much unprecedented across any other pairs of species.

As such, dogs form attachments to those humans and do not like it when those attachments are in any way altered or threatened.

See exhibit A:

a puppy cuddling up under the arm of its owner.

Now then, the older dog is used to cuddling up under the arm of their owner. But with the new puppy in place, this attachment is threatened.

Check out the problem solving that the older dog takes on:

That's right—this big ol' pup both brought over a soft dog bed for the younger puppy and then physically moved the little one from the couch to the dog bed so that it could grab its usual spot, draped over its human.

Have you EVER seen a more polite display of jealousy?

Raising a puppy with an older dog can already be tricky, because often, the older dog will have a stronger relationship with the human than the puppy will.

Do you think the older doggo knows this and is trying to gently claim its territory?

And the little guy's look at the camera at the end?

Pawsitively heartbreaking.

But the older pup is plenty happy.





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