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Barack Obama Admits That Men Have 'Been Getting On My Nerves Lately'—And The BroFlakes Aren't Gonna Like It

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Former president Barack Obama was in South Africa where he encouraged more women to get involved in the political process. As an incentive he mentioned that men were getting on his nerves and that they haven't done the best job of running things. We can only imagine how the internet will react.

While in Johannesburg a woman from Kenya asked Obama, who was giving a town hall style presentation, the best way to get involved in politics. That's when Obama laid down a giant truth bomb and told it like it is. He said:

Women in particular I want you to get more involved, because men have been getting on my nerves lately. I mean, every day I read the newspaper and I just think like, 'Brothers, what's wrong with you guys? What's wrong with us?' I mean, we're violent, we're bullying. You know, just not handling our business. So I think empowering more women on the continent ― that right away is going to lead to some better policies.

Oh boy, did the bro-flakes have a meltdown over this one.

Luckily, the mass majority understood what the former president was saying.

Of course we all had to know.

With more and more women entering politics maybe soon we will end this debate once and for all.

H/T: Huffington Post, Time