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NYC's Health Department Basically Just Suggested Having 'Kinky' Sex Through Gloryholes Amid Pandemic

NYC's Health Department Basically Just Suggested Having 'Kinky' Sex Through Gloryholes Amid Pandemic

While New York health officials maintained that you are your safest sexual partner during the pandemic, they also encouraged people to get "a little kinky" with their updated guidelines.

You don't have to keep your clothes on, but the health department's sex precautions recommended you keep your face covered.

Wearing masks in the bedroom is already a niche kink, but in these trying times, it can also save your life.

The guidelines stated that "a face covering that covers your nose and mouth is a good way to add a layer of protection during sex."

Expanding upon their March advisory, the latest recommendations said that those wishing to engage with more than one sexual partner should do so by limiting their "guest list" to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and by picking:

"Larger, more open, and well ventilated spaces."

This Twitter user had a more loose interpretation.

The guide also implied that glory holes are A-OK:

"Be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact."

However, barriers preventing face to face contact didn't apply to everyone.

Also, the department's suggestion advising against rimming was met with opposition.

The new guidelines also encouraged people to "masturbate together" but reminded them to maintain physical distance and to keep their face coverings on to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

For those who are prone to hooking up through online sites or apps, the department suggested for people to take a break from in-person dates and consider the following:

"Video dates, sexting, subscription-based fanplatforms, sexy 'Zoomparties' or chatrooms may be options for you."

People had all kinds of reactions.

However, the health department did warn that having antibodies against the virus or a prior positive diagnostic did not ensure immunity from reinfection.

"Be cautious in using these tests to make decisions about who you have sex with and what kind of sex you have since antibody test results are not definite proof of immunity."

They also reminded people to wash their hands—and sex toys—for 20 seconds before and after sex. Because clean finishes are always appreciated.

Have fun but stay safe, everyone.