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Woman Speaks Out After Nordstrom Worker Allegedly Refused To Serve Her Because She's Trans

Woman Speaks Out After Nordstrom Worker Allegedly Refused To Serve Her Because She's Trans

In a recent viral TikTok video, a woman shared her experience at a Nordstrom department store, where she believes she was denied service by an employee because she's trans.

In a tearful retelling of the incident, TikToker Licca explained her recent attempt to return an item at her local Nordstrom location.

According to Licca, when she asked an associate for some help, the associate begrudgingly looked at her, pointed to an empty area of the store, and told her to go wait over there for someone else to assist her.

The experience was all the more devastating because Licca, as she so often must, prepared herself for discrimination when she went to the mall.

"As a transgender woman of colour, I build myself up before I go out anywhere because I know I'm going to face discrimination and that is exactly what I did before I entered Nordstrom."

But she couldn't fully prepare for how it felt to be dismissed on the basis of her gender identity, especially when she saw a Pride flag plastered on the front window:

"That gave me the confidence to walk into Nordstrom confident about myself."

Licca later learned, however, that the flag only matters if people embody all it represents.

"She looks at my item and she points and says, 'somebody else will help you.' I look over and I say, 'who?' She's pointing at an empty department."

After Licca walked over to the empty department, received no help, and returned to the woman, things grew worse. Licca struggled through tears as she recounted what happened next.

"Her demeanor towards me was so rude. She made it clear she wanted nothing to do with me."

Licca was able to find a different employee who did help her. But she suffered another emotional blow when she saw the original salesperson kindly assisting an "affluent White woman."


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Licca closed the video by including the message she received from Nordstrom after she reported the incident. She found it wholly inadequate.

"[Redacted] alerted me to your recent experience in our store. Please know that I take this very seriously and sincerely apologise. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention as it has made me aware of an opportunity I have with [redacted] has allowed me to follow up with her and the Department Manager."
"Nordstrom expects salespeople to make our customers feel welcome and valued, if a salesperson has trouble achieving this, they may be moved into a position where they are not working directly with our customers."

TikTokers who heard Licca's story agreed with her skepticism of Nordstrom.

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Others chose to give Licca plenty of support and affirmations.




In a followup video, Licca took more time to share her views on why Nordstrom's response to her was inadequate. She felt the company's focus on one employee completely missed the point.

Improving relevant company-wide policy, according to Licca, was the only way forward.


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TikTokers agreed.




We shall see if the viral nature of Licca's video leads to any changes to Nordstrom policy.