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"I promise no good deed will I attempt to do again. Ever again." -Stephen Schwartz, Wicked

Good deeds are good in theory but it's just in peoples' natures to take advantage. So when u/nacrosian asked:

Reddit, what's your "No good deed goes unpunished" story?

Here were some of the answers.

She Tried


My manager finds wallet in a cart at work. Brings it straight to me and I look in wallet for ID. Call customer to come get wallet. Comes in picks up wallet and then calls the police and tells them I stole $400 out of her wallet. I got to make a statement and everything. Video is reviewed and proves she is full of it. Customer is still outraged and the police have to literally show her the video and threaten her with jail before she backs down.

Wallets just go straight into lost and found now. I make no effort to contact people any more.



Got my parents a huge bouquet and those expensive fruit dipped in chocolates bouquets for their first anniversary since I started work. Mom comes in from work, sees the bouquets and says "of course your dad wouldn't have gotten this, he's done nothing for me in all these years".

They had a huge fight and my flowers and fruit just sat there on the dining table abandoned.


That's What You Get


Worked with a guy that was a recovering junkie. He was pretty bad at his job at first and my boss wanted to fire him. I felt bad for him and respected what he was trying to do (worked with quite a few junkies that made no effort to get better). So I talk the boss out of it, tell him I'll be responsible for him. Pull him aside and give him a pep talk. Tell him I believe in him and want to see him do good. It was a pretty good job and paid well. I take the time and train him as best as I can. The time comes when we have to put in some real work. 12 hrs and it takes everyone pulling their weight. He's slow. He's relapsed I'm pretty sure. He ends up falling asleep standing up in the middle of a particularly dangerous job. My boss looks at me and I nod like, yeah, thats enough. I pull him aside and tell him look, we can't have you around like this, you gotta go. No hard feelings, i wish you the best, but you're putting everyone in danger here. Sorry man.

He yells at me for a bit. He collects his things and leaves. When I finally get off work after pulling his weight the rest of the day I realize he stole my wallet on his way out. Hope you're doing better Jimmy, but f*ck you man.


I Only Saved His Life

I went to drop my son off at his absent mother's grandparents house while I went to work at the prison. I notice that his grandpa is pale and sweating profusely. He says it's just heartburn. I put my hand on his forehead and his skin is cold and clammy. I convince them that something is wrong and call an ambulance. I then call work and explain the situation and that I won't make it in. Grandpa ends up having a 5 bypass heart surgery that night. Doctor says his heart stopped on the operating table, but he survived. I go to work the next day and get disciplined for calling work late.


Mommy Mania

Offered to babysit for a couple of friends in my mom group as I only work 3 days a week. Now everyone tries to drop their baby off when they need a sitter.


It's Not FOR You, Barbara


Had a friend that had fallen on some hard times, was talking about not having food for her kid to take to lunch, so I went and bought her some grocery Staples, milk, eggs, bread, peanut butter, and such along with some lunch items I knew her kid would like. Dropped it off to her and as she was going through the bag she goes, this bread isn't gluten free, you know I can't eat it. I was shocked, yeah I knew she couldn't eat regular bread but her kid could and I brought food her kid to have for lunch.


Just Don't.  Keep Your Thanks.

I worked as a popular vendor that sold food, drove a step van.

One of my biggest stores had an employee who's car broke down a few miles away and couldn't make it to work. We had a zero tolerance policy for riders. I was on my way to his store, made sure he was fully buckled in and explained to him I could be fired if he f*cking told ANYONE I was doing this

Suspended the next day as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. He f*cking called my boss to thank me.


But...The Kit....

I am a police officer. Our department used to carry lock out kits for people who locked their keys in the car, locked a kid or pet in on a hot day, or otherwise needed to get into the car. The way they work is you wedge a small air bag in the door jamb to open the door a little then put a long thing pole like thing through the space and either pull the door handle or hit the power lock button and voila, door is unlocked. Anyways, sometimes doors would be slightly damaged, or cars scratched or dented in process and people were suing the police department, or asking for reimbursements when this would happen. Ultimately our department decided to get rid of the lockout kits and if you lock your keys in the car you have to call a tow truck or locksmith to get them out. Now if there are kids or pets in the car on a hot day, rather than using the lockout kit and using minimally invasive methods to get them out, we smash a window.


I Tried To Prevent This Problem


I had a few babysitting jobs in our neighborhood when I was at school. I was looking after a little boy and his sister when the boy suddenly asked me what sex is. I kind of avoided the answer and said he should ask his parents. The older sister kept making jokes and bringing it up in the way that kids do no matter how much I tried to distract them.

When the parents arrived home I told them what the boy had said and my response so they wouldn't think it was all shady if one of the kids brought it up. I thought this was the mature and right thing to do at the time.

That couple never asked me to babysit again and I lost all my gigs in the street. God knows what they were saying about me.


Some Friend

Fostered a dog for a friend who ran into a bind with housing. Her other dog attacked me when I picked foster up, leaving permanent scars on my face. Foster then proceeded to destroy everything from electronics to carpet in my house. No compensation from friend.


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