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Woman's Nintendo Wii Is Acting Up, So She Uses Her Tinder Matches To Fix The Problem

When Twitter user @meggzsalad's Nintendo Wii wouldn't display in color on her TV, she was at a loss.

Not sure who else to turn to, she wrote in her Tinder bio:

"someone PLEASE help me with my wii its only showing in black and white im very serious abt this"

Meg received many responses and shared them with Twitter.

One, however, went to a very different place...

There are some offers that are never welcome. Never ever welcome.

You never know when Tinder will come through for you...

...or when it will fall just a little bit short.

Some Twitter users kept their eyes on the real issue: the Wii!

MOST people on Tinder were very helpful. MOST people.

Meg, get out of there!

But, at the end of the day, I suppose she DID get her Wii fixed, so I guess it's all worth it? Thanks for sharing the process with us, Meg.