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This Hilarious New Meme That Combats Lies Is Perfect For Almost Every Occasion

Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes lays down a heavy dose of truth in new meme.

This Hilarious New Meme That Combats Lies Is Perfect For Almost Every Occasion
Screengrab Youtube/wintermoot

In the age of social media it's gotten pretty hard to cut through all the fake news and the lies we sometimes tell ourselves, but a new meme featuring Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes is ready to cut right to the bone.

Though Jonathan Frakes will always be hailed by fans for his role as Jean-Luc Picard's "Number One", Commander William T. Riker, older millennials will probably remember Frakes' three seasons as host of the Syfy channel's Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction.

The paranormal anthology series which ran from 1997 to 2002 featured a number of logic defying tales each episode and challenged viewers to determine which were real and which ones were made up.

jonathan frakes telling you you're wrong for 47

At the end of each story Frakes would clue viewers in on whether the story was true or false, employing an arsenal of pithy quips like "You're wrong". "Not this time" or "It's a total fabrication" when the story wasn't true.

For reasons we may never know Youtuber wintermoot decided to compile 47 seconds of Franks' denials and in the process may have created the greatest response to lies and falsehoods the internet has ever seen.

Straight and to the point it's pretty hard to argue with Jonathan Frakes. Once Twitter got a hold of it, the supercut quickly achieved meme status.

The 47-second clip seemed perfect for almost every occasion.

Like the lies we sometimes tell ourselves.

Or the "maybe not so true" things we tell others.

It even seems to work with the truth we just don't feel like hearing.

It's not the first time Frakes has been turned into a meme.

On Star Trek: The Next Generation the actor's signature style when grabbing a seat was eventually dubbed "the Riker Maneuver" by fans.

Riker sits

And this time around the actor has graciously embraced his new meme status.