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NASA Engineer Speaks Out After Video Of Her Picking Up A Part-Time Retail Job Sparks Debate

NASA Engineer Speaks Out After Video Of Her Picking Up A Part-Time Retail Job Sparks Debate

Some believe the United States is in a labor shortage, but after the Great Resignation in August with a whopping 10 million people quitting their jobs, many believe it to be a living wage shortage.

Since a NASA engineer spoke out in a TikTok video about picking up a second part-time job in retail, a debate has been sparked.

Kelly (@sexybabypartygirl), who has a degree in chemical engineering from Wisconsin and works with NASA posted about interviewing with the jewelry store Tiffany's. Kelly shared they pay $20 per hour.

In the caption, Kelly also said she applied to work at Apple and had an interview on that following Wednesday.


Interview with the Apple store on Wednesday so we’ll seee #getreadywithme #tiffanyandco #nasa

Kelly posted in the comments she is trying to make more money to visit her family in Wisconsin.


Since posting, the video has received 353 thousand likes and prompted many people to question the rate of pay at NASA.







Kelly later shared she took the job as a technical specialist at an Apple retail store.

She also explained she won't be leaving NASA.

"I want the part time job for the money."
"I make enough money but I want to do more fun things and not have to worry about it."
"Also, I just have a lot of time right now so I don't mind working a little more so I can spend more."


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Some thought Kelly was smart to use her spare time to get some extra cash, but others disagreed.




Others thought it was strange someone with an engineering degree would take another job instead of finding a higher paying job in the field.


Kelly made another video answering a few questions about seeking a second job.

"I like my job at NASA."
"We get paid well."
"I just want to make a little more money."
"I'm not looking for a new full-time job."
"But my rent is high, I have student loans, I have car loans, and I like to thrift a lot."

She also shared she thinks $20 per hour is a good wage for a part time job right now.


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People were still outraged NASA isn't paying their workers more.






Kelly shared she picked up pole dancing during the pandemic and some suggested she try making money through that. It would pay more than the $20 an hour and most other retail jobs.

Some feel Kelly could use her degree in other ways.

Either way, should a full-time worker even need to get another job?

That's still up for debate.