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Mueller's 'Individual-1' Is Probably Donald Trump And The Jokes Are Rolling In

Twitter | @tsgnews

With President Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen's guilty plea for lying to congress about President Trump's contacts with Russia came documents for all politics nerds to pour over.

However, what we did not expect was something so obvious that even a layperson could understand...and skewer it.

In the court filings, someone who had hired Michael Cohen is repeatedly referred to as "Individual 1."

Now who could that possibly be?

Throughout the document, "Individual 1" is referenced as 'winning the Republican nomination for President,' as well as trying to broker a real-estate deal with Russia.

We really wonder who that could possibly be.

So did the internet.

People had some thoughts about how "Individual 1" may be feeling right now.

Of course, memes were born.

Others joked that there is still a chance that "Individual 1" may refer to someone else.

This news is likely not being well received in the White House.

It makes it abundantly clear that the President himself is in Robert Mueller's crosshairs.

H/T: Independent, Twitter