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White House Dunks On MTG After Her Self-Own Rant Comparing Biden To FDR And LBJ

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's speech to the Turning Point Action Conference about how Biden's 'Build Back Better' program was adding to the deficit ended up sounding like a campaign ad for the President.

White House Dunks On MTG After Her Self-Own Rant Comparing Biden To FDR And LBJ
Turning Point USA

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is well known for her hyper-conservative views and tendency to spread conspiracy theory nonsense.

So her comments about President Biden over the weekend were totally on-brand.

Greene, who was reportedly kicked out of the conservative congressional Freedom Caucus for her behavior—especially an incident in which she allegedly referred to fellow far-right conspiracy theorist and Representative Lauren Boebert as a "little b*tch"—apparently decided to go after President Biden instead of her fellow Republicans this time.

During a speech at Turning Point USA's Turning Point Action conference over the weekend, Greene slammed Biden and accused him of trying to "finish what FDR started" in regards to economic policy and addressing concerns such as rural health care, education and poverty.

People were pretty confused about why Biden attempting to address rural poverty and systemic inequality was supposed to be such a problem.

Or, indeed, why Greene thought that comparing Biden's domestic policy decisions to those of former Presidents Roosevelt or Johnson was such a bad thing.

The White House's snarky response to Greene's accusation delighted Twitter users.

"Caught us. President Biden is working to make life easier for hardworking families."

Joe Biden's re-election campaign even turned it into an effective ad.

Greene was trying to make Biden out to be the bad guy, but if his administration manages to make positive change in the areas she listed, he will likely be celebrated in the future for those improvements. Better education, medical care access, and financial security would make everyone's lives better.