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MTG Gets Brutal Reminder After Wishing Jewish People A 'Happy Purim' On Twitter

The MAGA Rep. was reminded of her past antisemitic comments after her tweet on the Jewish holiday.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene sits in her seat in the House of Representatives
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is downright famous for the bizarre and harmful things she says, infamously including her insistence major forest fires were started by Jewish space lasers to somehow supposedly benefit Jewish business owners.

She also famously attended a White nationalist rally with known antisemite and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes in 2020 and has publicly claimed she believes the Republican Party should be the party of Christian nationalists.

Despite ample evidence she provided to the contrary, Greene insists she isn't an antisemite.

Given her past behavior, though, it should come as no surprise the Jewish community wasn't willing to accept her recent "Happy Purim" tweet at face value.

Purim is a holiday to celebrate Queen Esther preventing a plot by Jewish-hating Haman to kill all Jews in ancient Persia. This year it was observed from evening on Monday, March 6 until the evening of Tuesday, March 7.

Greene tweeted her Purim wishes on Monday afternoon.

Her post wasn't exactly well received.

Maybe Greene will learn from this and realize she can't hang out with known antisemites, routinely parrot antisemitic talking points, call herself a Christian nationalist and still try to win over the Jewish community.

Probably not, but it's possible.