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Senior Trump Official Once Touted The Berlin Wall As An Example Of Why 'Walls Work'

Senior Trump Official Once Touted The Berlin Wall As An Example Of Why 'Walls Work'

Monica Crowley is President Trump's Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs to the Treasury, a role she was appointed to in July 2019.

In 2015, however, just after President Trump began his campaign, Crowley posted a photo of herself next to the Berlin Wall.

The photo recently resurfaced for the caption she chose.

Her caption?

"Walls work."

In an even more confounding follow-up tweet, Crowley then reminded her followers that the Wall had been torn down.

It seemed pretty obvious that Crowley was trying to tout the Berlin Wall, a historic failure and symbol of cruel separation, as evidence for why Donald Trump should build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

The Berlin Wall was, of course, torn down by the citizens of Berlin in one of the most jubilant days in modern German history.

November 9 marked the 30th anniversary of the reunification of Germany's capital.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in

People online were stunned a government official would cite the Berlin Wall as evidence of success.

Many pointed out that another prominent Republican was pretty AGAINST the Berlin Wall.

It seems Crowley needs a bit of a history lesson.

It was quickly pointed out that Monica Crowley has a history of misrepresenting facts (especially those written by other people).

No matter how much people make fun of her, however, the scary thing is that Crowley still holds a powerful position within the government.

Who knows what else she might think was a success?

Walls don't work.

If any history professors can get ahold of Monica Crowley, she's going to need some help ASAP.