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'Moms For Liberty' Group Melts Down Over 'Groping' On Homecoming Float After Two Girls Kiss

'Moms For Liberty' Group Melts Down Over 'Groping' On Homecoming Float After Two Girls Kiss

A national anti-LGBTQ organization is having a meltdown after a few homophobic parents in Williamson County, Tennessee accused two girls who briefly kissed on a homecoming parade float of inappropriate behavior.

The group Moms for Liberty claimed the two students on the float in Independence High School's parade were "groping," "making out" and "French kissing," despite the fact that the very video they used as evidence shows nothing of the sort.

The clip shows two girls giving each other a peck so brief you will likely miss it entirely if you aren't watching very closely.

See the kiss in question at the 0:04 mark below.

Along with the clip of the blink-and-you-miss-it peck, Moms for Liberty tweeted:

"Well, this happened: Independence HS's Homecoming parade had an LGBTQ float, featuring two girls kissing & groping in front of Thompson Station Elementary and Middle School. VIEWED BY ALL AGES DOWN TO KINDERGARTENERS."

These moms have a very, very interesting definition of "kissing and groping" and of "liberty," for that matter.

The group, which has previously made a name for itself protesting mask mandates in schools, also accused the students of "encouraging bisexuality" and engaging in "sexually lewd behavior" because the school LGBTQ group that presented the float, Indy Pride, passed out information about Bisexual Awareness Week.

Speaking to Nashville's Newschannel 5, parents in a local chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, or PFLAG, decried Moms for Liberty's social media campaign, saying it endangered the children in the video and opened them to homophobic attacks because it showed their full faces, making them easily identifiable.

Nevertheless, Moms for Liberty were able to stir up quite a bit of anger in conservative parents in the area when they attended a Williamson County School Board meeting shortly after the parade.

Some parents at the meeting called the parade float and the school's Pride Club "inappropriate" and accused the children in the group of engaging in "propaganda" and "indoctrination."

But local parent Justin Kanew wasn't having it, calling out these parents for lying about the content of the video in order to level such drastic accusations at children.

"Does calling for your people to come here and persecute LGBTQ kids for the crime of letting the world know they exist and showing love for one another not fly in the face of what you claim to stand for?"
"That video is not a French kiss. It is a quick peck that I had to watch three times to catch and if it was a boy and a girl there is zero chance anyone would have cared."

On Twitter, people were similarly outraged by Moms for Liberty's antics.

Others ignored the drama and threw their support behind the kids on the float and other LGBTQ kids like them.

Tennessee has become a hotbed of virulenty anti-LGBTQ laws aimed directly at children, including a ban on transgender girls from participating in sports and another which allows students to sue transgender students for using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.