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MLB Fans Roll Their Eyes As Umpire Endorses Trump While Explaining Controversial Game Ejection

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

On Sunday, September 6, Washington Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo was ejected from watching his team's game after umpires heard him yelling disparaging comments from his private box.

Though the scenario was already a strange one, since there's no way Rizzo would have been within earshot if there were people filling the stadium, umpire Joe West then decided to make things even stranger by endorsing Donald Trump for President.

Joe West, a fairly unpopular longtime MLB umpire, was roasted online for his random Trump plug.

For those who know Joe West, the incident was a pretty unsurprising one.

Fans were perplexed by the strange series of events.

The fact that Joe West is a Trump supporter was, to many, a little bit less than shocking.

It also seemed unlikely, however, that West's endorsement was going to help Donald Trump in any significant way.

For future reference, there's little to no reason any umpire needs to bring up Donald Trump again any time soon.