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Mitch McConnell Gets No Sympathy From Twitter After Getting Choked Up Over Retiring Senator


On Wednesday, December 2, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took the floor of the Senate to say goodbye to outgoing Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander.

The speech was apparently hard for Kentucky's McConnell to deliver—he stopped multiple times because he was too choked up to continue.

Twitter wasn't particularly moved by McConnell's emotion, considering how many Americans have suffered from the pandemic while he's refused to pass any economic relief bills.

It turns out Mitch McConnell's sense of empathy doesn't go beyond the people he personally knows.

Some people were actually glad to know that Mitch McConnell was still capable of feeling.

If McConnell was looking for some sympathy, he wasn't going to find any on Twitter.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead from the pandemic, but his friend retiring is the most emotional McConnell has been in years.

Perhaps, if his constituents are lucky, McConnell may be able to summon up some of this sadness the next time they're in need.