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Michigan State GOP Senator Faces Backlash After Comparing Abortion To Slavery

Senator Mike Shirkey/Facebook

Putting things into a context people can understand is a communication tool people often use.

But some comparisons are a serious stretch.

And others?

Other comparisons to tragedies or historical injustices rarely work. But that doesn't stop people from going there.

Michigan State Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey—in an interview with Hillsdale College's radio station—said:

"[Abortion is comparable to] the scourge we endured when we still had slavery in this country."

From first impressions of Shirkey, it doesn't appear pregnancy or slavery of his ancestors are issues he faced.

You can hear his remarks here:

Sen. Shirkey joins Radio Free Hillsdale with Scot Bertram

Shirkey added:

"I believe the rampant acceptance of unfiltered and unregulated abortion, or frankly allowing abortions to occur at all, is the scourge of our country now today."

It's fortunate child poverty and hunger are completely gone in the USA and pro-birthers have adopted every child in foster care. Now the USA can afford to force all women and girls to give birth—regardless of their circumstances or their doctor's advice.

Otherwise, those problems might be scourges too.

Shirkey knew people would call bullsh** on his bullsh** however.

He said:

"In my mind, it's comparable—and people are going to be very upset when I say this—but it is comparable to the scourge we endured when we still had slavery in this country. It is no less a scourge today than slavery was then."

As Shirkey predicted, his words of wisdom went over as well as a hippo trying to pole vault.

While some used Shirkey's words to bolster support for women's reproductive rights, comparing the spate of radical pro-birth laws being touted by the GOP as an attack on body autonomy.

Shirkey remained mum on his comments, but a spokesperson stated he has no intentions of apologizing.


According to his spokesperson, Shirkey didn't say what he said and he's been misunderstood.

Where have we heard that excuse before?


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