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Michigan Trump Voter Stunned After His Name Shows Up On List Of Allegedly 'Dead' Biden Voters

Michigan Trump Voter Stunned After His Name Shows Up On List Of Allegedly 'Dead' Biden Voters
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Republicans' continued attempts to paint the election as fraudulent have hit yet another snag.

This time, the hiccup comes from the state of Michigan, where a very much alive Trump voter appeared on a conservative activist's list of supposed dead people who fraudulently voted for Biden last month.

The voter has understandably been left stunned by the incident.

The mishap comes from activist Meshawn Maddock, wife of state Representative Matt Maddock, who received the list of supposedly dead voters last week and, instead of reporting it to law enforcement for investigation of fraud, posted the list to Facebook.

The list posted by Maddock was composed of 150 supposedly deceased voters from Michigan's Wayne County, the majority-Black county where Detroit is located. The list included not only full names but other identifying information such as home addresses.

According to screenshots captured by news outlet Bridge Michigan, Maddock claimed in her since-deleted Facebook post that the list proved the election was fraudulent. She wrote:

"Tonight a young man... has given me a file of over 2000 people who voted in Wayne County by absentee ballot that are CONFIRMED deceased. Just imagine if our Secretary of State Benson DID HER JOB and checked all 83 counties?!"

But Maddock's claims immediately fell apart when people whose names appeared on the list showed up in the comments of her post, pointing out that they are not at all dead.

One such person, Bill Babcock, a White man from the suburb of Grosse Pointe Woods who voted for Donald Trump, told Bridge Michigan in no uncertain terms that he didn't appreciate Maddock and the GOP's antics.

"I think it sucks...
"I am a stout Republican… this whole thing is getting crazy."
"Can't we just move on? There are bigger problems out there, like getting this vaccine thing situated."

Several others people piped up in the comments to push back on Maddock's claims. One wrote:

"Two people in my neighborhood are on this list. They're very much alive. Hell, their boys play baseball with my sons."

Another simply said:

"I am certainly not dead!"

On Twitter, people could not believe the absurdity of the situation.

Despite the absurd outcome of her attempt, Maddocks stands behind her post--which she said she deleted due to threats from Facebook, Inc.--and is not backing down from her claims of fraud.

"This isn't about overturning the 2020 election. This is about never letting this happen again, and punishing those who have committed fraud."

Officials have found only one instance of fraud in the state, by a man who signed his daughter's ballot for her at her request, which is illegal.