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Clip Of Michelle Williams Reading Awkward Passage From Britney's Memoir Deserves A Grammy

A clip of the actor narrating a section from Spears' new memoir 'The Woman in Me' about her and Justin Timberlake running into rapper Ginuwine has people in stitches.

Michelle Williams; Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions; Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

As the entire world knows, Britney Spears' memoir The Woman in Me dropped on Tuesday, and the internet has already been buzzing over the bombshells revealed in the book for days.

But now that the memoir is officially in our hands—and in our ears—people are going crazy over another aspect of the book, specifically the audiobook.

Aside from an introduction by the author herself, The Woman in Me is narrated by actor Michelle Williams, and one passage in particular has listeners howling.

A clip of Williams reading about a time Spears and then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake ran into raper Ginuwine has gone viral on social media.

Spears explained in the book how she felt that sometimes NSYNC tried a little "too hard to fit in" with hip-hop artists.

She recounted the moment Timberlake saw singer Ginuwine on the street in New York.

Williams so wonderfully read (as written) that Timberlake shouted at the rapper:

"Oh yeah, fo' shiz fo' shiz. Ginuwine, what's up, homie?"

And Williams reads it not once, but twice.

You can listen below.

WARNING: NSFW language

Listeners of the clip were highly entertained, with many expressing that Williams should receive some kind of award for her reading of this passage alone.

Well done is an understatement.

Guess we know where our Audible credit is going...