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Michael Moore Explains Why He Thinks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Should Be Allowed To Run For President


2020 will be upon us before you know it, and with it is sure to come even heftier bouts of political prognostication. Contrary to what some people out there might believe, there's a lot at stake when you're seeking to remove Donald Trump, a president whom our U.S. intelligence communities believes is a Russian asset, from office.

But who could possibly challenge him? Here's one suggestion.

According to documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) would likely beat Trump in 2020. There's just one problem:

She's not old enough to run.

Moore said it's "too bad" that the Constitution requires those who run for the presidency to be no younger than 35 years of age.

"We need to lower that," he said. In fact, he suggested that if the age requirement were lowered to 30, Ocasio-Cortez would be a shoo-in.

"She is the leader, everybody knows it, everybody feels it, she's the leader of this mass movement," he said.

Michael Moore: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is The Democratic Leader | The Last Word | MSNBC

"I'm not talking about a movement in terms of an organization," Moore said. "I'm talking about a Fox News poll this week where that said 70 percent of the American public agree with her on having the top marginal rate for the rich, their taxes. 70 percent on the rich. That's a Fox News poll."

That is indeed a Fox News poll: The poll in question found voters "prefer increasing spending on domestic programs over cutting taxes and reducing spending, and their preferred way to finance that spending — is tax the wealthy."

According to the poll (which likely made some conservative talking heads explode):

Fifty-one percent of voters want to spend more on programs such as infrastructure, national defense, education, and health care. That includes 63 percent of Democrats, 50 percent of independents, and 39 percent of Republicans.

Forty percent prefer the federal government cut taxes, spending, and regulations.

At the same time, there is broad support for increasing taxes on the wealthiest families. Voters support tax
increases on families making over $10 million annually by a 46-point margin (70 percent favor-24 percent oppose), and support a hike on those making over $1 million by 36 points (65-29 percent).

Plenty think Moore might be onto something.

The commenters on YouTube were singing the same tune:





There's a lot of support out there for Ocasio Cortez's proposals, which include going back to a marginal tax rate of 70 percent on income over $10 million.

In fact, a new poll from Morning Consult shows that the majority of Americans support a wealth tax by a 60-21 margin, a number that includes majority support from Republican voters. Americans also support raising the marginal tax rate back up to 70 percent, as Ocasio-Cortez has suggested.

In the meantime, there's plenty of opportunity for Ocasio-Cortez to grow her platform.

She has several fans already:



Let's check back in a few years. We suspect she's not going anywhere anytime soon.

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