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Melania Trump's 'Be Best' Word Search Puzzle For Kids In Self-Isolation Is Getting Trolled For Its Irony

Melania Trump is locked down inside the White House just like the rest of us.

To pass the time, she came up with yet another word search.

This one focused on her "Be Best" principles to become a good person.

Many couldn't help but note the irony of Donald Trump's wife promoting words like "thoughtful," "kind," and "gentle."

The Trump family is known for many other qualities before the ones Melania listed.

Several people also brought up President Trump's recent suggestion that injecting disinfectant into people's bodies may kill the virus.

Seriously, did anyone give this word search a second look before Melania sent it out?

The person who most needs to learn something from Melania's word search is probably the President himself.

Very few people online seemed grateful for Melania's puzzle.

This newest word search was received just as badly as the First Lady's original White House-themed one.

The Trump family is in no position to tell people they should be acting "caring" or "nice."

Hopefully Melania will shoot this puzzle over to her husband, Donald, so he can learn to "Be Best." If anyone needs it, it's him.

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