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Spice Girl Mel C Applauded By LGBTQ+ Community For Pulling Out Of NYE Show In Poland

The singer cited issues that 'do not align with the communities' she supports for her pulling out of Telewizja Polskawhen's New Year’s Eve Dreams with Dwójka show.

Spice Girl Mel C Applauded By LGBTQ+ Community For Pulling Out Of NYE Show In Poland
David M. Benett/Hoda Davaine/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Spice Girl Mel C, also known as Melanie C and Sporty Spice, is drawing cheers from the LGBTQ+ community and allies after pulling out of a New Year's Eve concert in Poland.

The decision is believed to be tied to Mel C's opposition to the country's virulently anti-LGBTQ+ political climate.

Mel C abruptly announced her pull-out on Monday from the show New Year’s Eve Dreams with Dwójka in a cryptic message to fans that many believe to be a reference to Poland's repressive "LGBT-free zones" legislation.

See her statement below.

Mel C wrote:

“In light of some issues that have been brought to my attention, that do not align with the communities I support, I’m afraid I will no longer be able to perform in Poland as planned on New Year’s Eve."

Mel C went on to say that she hopes to be back in Poland very soon and wished her fans "a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for 2023."

Poland has passed a series of sweepingly anti-LGBTQ+ laws in recent years, including one in January that removed LGBTQ+-inclusive curricula in education.

It was followed by a law in February that would "punish" students for being inclusive of LGBTQ+ people.

And in the past year, municipalities comprising roughly one-third of the country have declared themselves "LGBT-free zones," where LGBTQ+ people cannot safely live openly.

Politicians have run on openly anti-LGBTQ+ platforms in recent years as well, including President Andrzej Duda.

During his 2020 reelection campaign Duda claimed that so-called LGBTQ+ "ideology" was even more destructive than the autocratic Soviet communism that subjected countries like Poland into grinding poverty and brutal repression from the end of World War II until 1989.

Mel C has long been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, which has been a loyal fanbase to both the Spice Girls and Mel C in her solo career.

And on Twitter, many applauded the artist for taking a stand.

In a recent interview, Mel C spoke of what the LGBTQ+ community means to her. She told British music magazine NME:

“Being an ally to the LGBT+ community is important and rewarding... Being accepted into their world, I learned so much about their struggle."

She went on to say that the kind of courage LGBTQ+ people show in living openly "was always the message of the Spice Girls."