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All Hell Broke Loose On 'The View' After Meghan McCain Threw A Tantrum Over Dr. Fauci

All Hell Broke Loose On 'The View' After Meghan McCain Threw A Tantrum Over Dr. Fauci
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On a recent episode of The View, chaos ran rampant as Meghan McCain, the show's resident conservative, claimed she did not trust the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

She claims Fauci is too partisan to trust, unlike Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The rest of the View hosts were understandably flabbergasted by these beliefs.

You can see the exchange here:

Fauci Says U.S. Going In Wrong Direction | The

After referencing a Washington Post article that concluded the virus spread more quickly in regions of the country dominated by Fox News host Sean Hannity, host Sunny Hostin commented:

"People are listening to these news personalities and reading and consuming this type of conservative media that's still going to be downplaying wearing masks, still downplaying the numbers, I don't think we're going to see this huge cultural shift."

McCain responded angrily:

"I'm one hundred percent willing to say on television I do not have faith and trust in Dr. Fauci in the way that I did [in March]. The narrative continues to confuse me."
"Republicans are the devil, but protestors for Pride, and protestors for Black Lives Matter, it's fine and the pandemic doesn't exist."

As the other hosts insisted that no one at the show was making this argument, McCain continued:

"You know, I'm the only conservative on this show and I leave this place and all I do, pretty much, is consume conservative media…"
"As much as you want to trash Fox News, Tucker Carlson has the highest approval ratings and numbers in Fox News history right now, partly because he's saying, in a much more eloquent way, what I'm saying right now."
"And there's a lot of anger and frustration about this hypocrisy."

If you're looking for official information, a cable news opinion show is really not the best place to get it.

If you have to choose a source of non-partisan information, however, Dr. Fauci is believed by many to be far more reliable than any person in Fox News' opinion department.

Fox News has an opinion department where shows led by pundits are placed and a separate news department.

The issue comes when people think the opinion programs, categorized as entertainment shows by Fox News itself, for actual news coverage.

Twitter had had enough of McCain and let her know it.

Meanwhile, scientific studies reported on by Forbes have concluded the most recent spike in virus cases is largely unrelated to the anti-racism protests which swept the nation in early June.

With cases surging across the country, this is absolutely not the time to be inspiring doubt in health experts.

While their uncomfortable truths may not be as popular as comfortable lies, but popularity of message doesn't influence facts.

At least Hostin offered studies and articles to back up her opinions.

Fans of The View know it's only a matter of time until McCain's next outburst. Hopefully the next one will come later rather than sooner.