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Massachusetts Auto Shop Owner Sparks Outrage With Sexist Sign Slamming Biden And Harris

Massachusetts Auto Shop Owner Sparks Outrage With Sexist Sign Slamming Biden And Harris
CBS Boston/YouTube

Rob Roy owns an auto body shop on a busy street in Salisbury, Massachusetts.

Rather than advertising his services fixing scratches and dents, however, Roy has chosen to use his business' sign for more inflammatory purposes—spreading bigoted nonsense.

Roy recently chose to use the sign space on Salisbury'e bustling Main Street to display a particularly defamatory fake Biden/Harris campaign sign.

The sign, which was shared to Twitter by Bishop Talbert Swan, featured the phrase "Joe and the Hoe" along with references to cocaine use.

Bishop Swan was having none of this, and put Roy on blast.

The "Bob's Signs" in the lower right hand corner of the sign refers to the sign shop that made it for Roy.

Bishop Swan also contacted the sign shop owner and determined that he did, indeed, also endorse the sign's message.

Bob talked with CBS Boston about his motivations for the sign in an interview, stating that he meant no harm by the sign and referred to it as "satire."

"Sometimes it's just a statement. You never know which one is going to be next until you see one floating around the internet."

Many in Salisbury are fed up with Roy's inflammatory sign choices.

"A lot of people are seeing that and the country is divided now. Half the people driving by just don't want to see it anymore."

Roy recently removed the sign and replaced it with something equally as offensive: the Confederate flag.

In Massachusetts.

Despite the valuable history lessons taught by Confederate monuments, the fact Massachusetts fought against the Confederacy during the Civil War escaped Roy's grasp. 13,942 soldiers from Massachusetts fought and died to defeat the military forces that supported that flag.

He claimed his motivation for changing the sign wasn't due to the public outcry, but simply because it was time for a change. Roy has 19 signs he says he has rotated through for the last few years.

You can view CBS Boston's coverage of Roy's anti-Biden/Harris sign and his followup Confederate flag here:

Salisbury Auto Shop Owner Defends Controversial

Folks on Twitter were not at all impressed by Roy's defamatory sign.

Several people mentioned this could be considered libel.

Some recommended suing Roy for defamation.

Not everyone in the neighborhood is offended by Roy's sign choices, though.

One neighbor said that he supports Roy's signs.

"I think it's making people laugh. It's just showing where he stands, that's all."

Meanwhile, another resident completely disagreed, wanting the sign to be taken down.

"Everything, everything about it, it's an eyesore."

Roy seems to believe he is exposing "nastiness on the left" with his racist and sexist signage.

"Everybody has seen nastiness on the left. I put up a sign, $100 sign that melted 10 million snowflakes.

His Yelp page isn't showing much support except among racists and misogynists. Whether there are enough people who support his signs to sustain his business remains to be seen.