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Man Who Escaped Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting Gives Gut-Wrenching Interview Apologizing To Victims

ABC 7 video/@abc7greg, @Jody_Houser/Twitter

It's only been 12 days since the last mass shooting, and Americans are in front of their televisions, once again, watching victims describe the horrors of witnessing first hand the carnage of gunfire.

On Wednesday night, a lone gunman walked into a Thousand Oaks, California bar that allows all ages and began firing. As reports began to filter in, one father spoke to ABC7 Eyewitness News, and broke all our hearts. The man was at the country bar with his son when the shooting began, Worried about his son he did what every father would do, and got both of them out of there.

During the interview the man broke down with deep guilt that he wasn't able to do anything for the young people left behind. It is devastating to watch.

First interviewed is the son, John Hedge and then his step-father Tim follows.

There really isn't anything to say after that.

H/T: Twitter moments, ABC News