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Maryland Man Accidentally Sets His Car Ablaze After Using Hand Sanitizer While Smoking

Maryland Man Accidentally Sets His Car Ablaze After Using Hand Sanitizer While Smoking

In Maryland, a man set the interior of his car ablaze after using hand sanitizer while smoking a cigarette. Luckily, he was able to make it out of the car before it was completely engulfed in flames.

Reports say the man did sustain injuries of first and second degree burns on his hands and inner thighs.

Video footage from a helicopter showed dark smoke billowing from the car. Eventually you see firefighters hosing down the car, and copious amounts of steam flying over the parking lot, finally extinguishing the flames.

A spokesperson for the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service tweeted images of the aftermath with the caption:

"Rockville, MD, hand sanitizer & lighted cigarette start fire in an occupied car, Driver was able to escape the vehicle while onlookers called 911."

They also explained the cost of the damages. Luckily no other cars were close enough to the flames.

"Damage to the 2000 Toyota Camry was extensive, estimated to be in excess of $2K, there was little or no collateral damage to nearby vehicles."

They explained he had used "copious amounts of hand sanitizer" which lead to embers of his lit cigarette falling onto his hands and clothing, igniting the alcohol in the sanitizer.

Because the car was not well-ventilated, it caused a heightened reaction between the embers and sanitizer.

"Driver using hand sanitizer & smoking a cigarette, which is a bad combo in unventilated area like a car."

Given the shocking nature of this tragedy, many didn't believe a cigarette could cause such damage.

Others had an inkling about the alcohol content of the sanitizer.

Though the damages to the car are total, we are thankful the driver made it out of the car in time and someone was nearby to call 911.