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Married Couple Spices Up Their Sex Life With 'Training Days' Rating Each Other's Performance In Bed

Married Couple Spices Up Their Sex Life With 'Training Days' Rating Each Other's Performance In Bed
Blessing Platinum-Williams /SWNS

A married couple decided to spice up their sex life – by running their own sex "training days" and taking notes on each other's performance.

Blessing Platinum-Williams and husband, Michael, both 30, met 11 years ago and at first "couldn't keep their hands off each other."

After they were married, they had sex up to 13 times a week - but their sex life eventually took a back seat, especially after the birth of their son Ivan in 2016.

In an effort to "keep things exciting," the couple introduced "training days" three years ago.

Blessing Platinum-Williams /SWNS

They write notes on each other's performance and share what they like and dislike.

Blessing and Michael now run training days for each other twice a month - booking them in their calendar weeks in advance, ensuring Ivan and one-year-old, Matias, are sleeping upstairs.

The confident couple have their own notepads to keep track of their activity and even pick up the pen mid-session to make sure they are as accurate as they can be.

They are open and honest about their bedroom antics - not just with each other but with their entire friendship group.

They claim the saucy sessions have "added the spark" back into their relationship.

Blessing Platinum-Williams /SWNS

Blessing, an English teacher from Watford, Hertfordshire, England, said:

"We like sex, but we're such curious people too. I couldn't think of anything worse than having a boring sex life - where I couldn't communicate what I wanted."
"Now I have great sex 99% of the time - and it's thanks to the notes and feedback Michael gives me."

Michael, a designer, added:

"Our training sessions keep the sex spicy. We can try new positions without worrying if we aren't hitting the right spot, as the point is to learn."
"Everyone should do it!"

Blessing and Michael met in 2009 when Blessing was 19 and Michael was 20 after being introduced to each other via a mutual friend.

Blessing Platinum-Williams /SWNS

Blessing said:

"I took one look at Michael and instantly thought he was attractive. We had a mutual friend, so we weren't complete strangers."
"After chatting online Michael decided to come and surprise me at my University halls. Our connection was instant and we've been together ever since."

Blessing and Michael got engaged in September 2011 and eloped in October 2011.

Blessing admitted:

"Our sex life was so amazing after we got married, and we've been lucky to get it back to where it was at the start."
"We are like rabbits when no one is around! Our sex life is pretty public amongst our friends."

After the couple had their children, they found their sex life starting to wane.

Towards the end of 2016 they had a conversation about injecting excitement back into their bedroom antics.

Blessing Platinum-Williams /SWNS

Blessing said:

"I just asked Michael if he thought things were going a bit stale. We'd just had our first baby together, and that whole process of the labor and birth really took it out of me."
"I knew our sex life would be different, not just because we had a new responsibility in our lives, but because of the toll on my body too."
"I was sore and my last thought was jumping right back into sex. We were both on the same page and didn't want to get into a boring sex routine where no one was getting any real satisfaction out of it."
"Michael and I spoke about how we could talk through any bumps in the road and we thought: 'Should we write these ideas down?'"
"People write diary entries to their partners and notes on their feelings to communicate, so why shouldn't we do the same for sex?"

The couple created "sex training days" - where they would make notes about their performance and give feedback to each other afterwards in an effort to improve their time between the sheets.

Blessing Platinum-Williams /SWNS

Blessing said:

"The term sounds business-y, but it's really the best way for us to communicate. We plan dates and times to have sex in the day and write notes as we go."
"Each position gets analyzed and we keep them to 60 seconds each – to stop us getting too sidetracked. After those 60 seconds, we roll to our sides of the bed, grab our pens from our nightstands and write our thoughts down."
"Once we've done that, we move onto the next position or technique."

After their first attempt of a training day, the duo decided to book their next meeting as soon as possible, jotting it down on the family calendar.

Blessing Platinum-Williams /SWNS

Blessing added:

"We giggled a lot the first time as the idea seemed pretty funny, but after a while things got really steamy and we quickly reaped the benefits."
"It let us be open and honest with each other without the fear of hurting each other's feelings or taking something too personally.
"Both of us are such literal people that we've never been offended by anything the other has written. Just like when employers want to refine certain skills, they have training days, doing the same thing for sex just seemed like it would work - and it did!"

Seven years later, the pair are still going at it more than ever – booking in two training days a month, depending on their schedules.

Blessing Platinum-Williams /SWNS

Blessing said:

"We are parents first and foremost both with full-time careers, so it can be difficult finding time for our training days. They aren't so much 'days' anymore, mostly evenings or afternoons when the kids have been put down for a nap and we are undisturbed."
"Our sex life has improved more than I could ever imagine – after 11 years together, things are only getting better. We have sex all the time now, most days. But keep the training sessions to two or three a week."
“I have friends tell me they have three orgasms a time, and all I can think is – that's it? We don't have dull sex anymore. Every time is different, and better than the time before."