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News Anchor Becomes An Accidental Viral Sensation After Station Randomly Tweets His Bio

News Anchor Becomes An Accidental Viral Sensation After Station Randomly Tweets His Bio

Technology is seriously weird sometimes, especially with social media.

Posts we scheduled don't actually post, or we never receive notifications.

But one of the stranger phenomenons has to be when something gets posted that we never meant to see the light of day.

That's probably how Idaho news station KTVB felt after they had an "oops" on their Twitter account.

What probably happened was a staff member was updating information on their website and accidentally shared the update on their Twitter account. But whatever the cause, the results were random and hilarious.

Quite to the confusion of the rest of Twitter, KTVB posted the biography of one of their news anchors, Mark Johnson, while simply writing his name as the headline.

Above the link to the biography, it simply read:

"Mark Johnson."

Mark Johnson himself replied to the post, expressing the same confusion the rest of Twitter felt.

"Uh... This is awesome? And... huh?"
"This is pretty hilarious, but I'm pretty sure my twin daughters had something to do with this."
"All I can say is that I WILL get them back for this! (But probably not.)"

Twitter quickly became overrun with the words "Mark" and "Johnson."

And Mark Johnson surely got a little pick-me-up from all the praise he received for being Mark Johnson.

Not to mention the rapid creation of new Mark Johnson memes.


Later, Mark Johnson commented again, questioning his strange 15 minutes of fame.

"I'm simultaneously dying [laughing] right now, and fearing that this is the extent of my 15 minutes of internet fame."
"Go Mark Johnson, I guess?"

This surely wasn't what KTVB was planning to do on a Wednesday.

If this was his moment in the limelight, at least he can say it was fun.