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Mark Hamill Shreds Trump's Ratings-Obsessed Pandemic Response With An Aptly Horrific Comparison

Mark Hamill Shreds Trump's Ratings-Obsessed Pandemic Response With An Aptly Horrific Comparison

President Donald Trump and actor Mark Hamill aren't exactly on the best of terms, with Hamill regularly criticizing the President online.

This past Thursday, April 9, was no different.

After President Trump sent out a tweet preoccupied with the high ratings of his daily pandemic press briefings, Hamill eviscerated him with a comparison to a classic John Carpenter monster.

In his tweet, Trump lashed out at The Wall Street Journal for forgetting to mention how many people were watching his press briefings in a recent article.

Hamill was astonished the President could be so obsessed with his "ratings" while thousands of Americans were losing their lives.

Many people thought Hamill's comparison was unfair... The Thing.

Others pointed out that, in a normal world, The Wall Street Journal would be on President Trump's side.

The President shouldn't care about his ratings.

He's not the star of a television show anymore—he's supposed to be saving lives and working in the best interests of all people in the United States.

They say any President's most valuable resource is time, yet President Trump spends two hours a day speaking to (and often misleading) the press.

This is not normal behavior for a leader in a time of crisis.

It's not hard to see why he acts this way, however—Trump cares more about being "popular" than about helping the American people.

Many online thanked Hamill for once again coming to the defense of common sense and the truth.

Throughout numerous moments of national hardship, President Trump has revealed the person he's most concerned about:


Why would a sitting President ever tweet something like this?

If President Trump wants to help this country, he should be spending more of his time working towards quick, widely-available testing, and less time tweeting about his press briefings as if they were a primetime television show.

Hamill's final foray long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, is available here.

The John Carpenter classic The Thing is available here.