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'Ticked Off' GOP Reps. Join Dems To Vote Down QAnon Rep. After Her Third Attempt To Adjourn House

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia was stripped of her committee assignments and has developed a reputation for believing almost any crazy conspiracy theory thrown in her direction.

With very little power in the House, Greene has been trying to make an impact in any way she can. For instance, over the past several days, the freshman Congresswoman has forced the House to vote on random motions to adjourn.

Each motion to adjourn takes about an hour of time to process.

While Republicans initially went along with Greene's delay tactics, they started to jump ship by her third proposal.

Many Republicans are reportedly growing tired of Greene's "antics."

Each vote for adjournment requires House members to return to the chamber to vote.

Of course, if Greene's proposal was successful, it would mean the House of Representatives got nothing done that day.

Many online pointed out Greene's likely motive for the delays was to avoid passage of Democrat-backed election reform and the Equality Act, which prohibits many forms of LGBTQ+ discrimination.

Calls for Greene's removal from Congress have been constant since shortly after her election when she began spreading conspiracy theories.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's list of allies in Washington continues to shrink as she continues to abuse her tiny bit of influence.