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Twitter In Awe After Woman 'Busts' Boyfriend For Sneaky World Cup Wink Without Even Looking At Him

Twitter user @AcevenGecko described the moment as the 'best thing I've seen at the World Cup so far.'

Woman looking at man after he winked at someone

There's a popular saying that goes, "Women always know. Even when they don't know for sure, they still know."

And some people may have never thought this statement was more true than at this year's FIFA World Cup during Brazil's final game before being eliminated.

While most eyes were trained on the field, one person caught a couple on camera in a short exchange they found more interesting than the game.

A man was holding up a phone while presumably his girlfriend was applying eyeliner, using the phone as a mirror. While she was busy applying the eyeliner, the man was scanning the crowd and was caught on camera winking multiple times at someone else, allegedly another woman.

But viewers were amused by the fact the camera wasn't the only one who caught him in the act.

You can watch the video here:

After the man offered several winks to someone, the woman raised to head to look at him questioning.

The man then appears to be troubled and deflated, as if he had been caught doing something he wasn't supposed to do, by his girlfriend of all people.

The video quickly gained traction on Twitter with more than 200-thousand likes and nearly 800 responses.

Some were impressed at how the woman had caught the wink without looking.

But others thought there was a more reasonable explanation for what happened.

Some people were thoroughly entertained by the idea this guy was sitting in the stands during the final game, winking at another woman, and then getting caught.

But others thought there was a far simpler explanation. The guy probably lowered the phone somewhat or his hand wasn't steady, and his girlfriend looked at him, wondering why he wasn't able to hold her makeshift mirror steady anymore.

It's always funny to see the various interpretations people come up with, based on their personal experiences and beliefs, while viewing such a short video.

Whatever really happened, people got a bit of side entertainment out of the event.