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Woman's Story About Man Who Manipulated Her Into Marrying Him Over Health Insurance Is Truly Wild

TikToker @mels_scribblings' story about rekindling a romance with a man after he finally got help unraveled after he admitted he had been lying to her about it the entire time.

TikTok screenshots of @mels_scribblings

A woman on TikTok has gone viral after revealing she was manipulated into marrying her college sweetheart after rekindling their romance when he lost his health benefits.

But, as it turns out, he was lying about everything.

TikToker @mels_scribblings revealed in her video that just two weeks after being married, she found out her new husband had been lying to her for years.

The creator shared that she had fallen in love with her ex in college, but after she graduated there were a couple of snags.

First of all, she wanted to travel and see the world, but he was still in school. She absolutely did not want him to give up on his future for her.

Also, they were not technically in a relationship.

She explained:

"We couldn't get along enough to even be in a relationship."
"When things were good between us, they were amazing. It was so good. It was fun. It was sweet, it was good."
"And when they were bad, they were terrible."

So, they went their separate ways.

While the TikToker was away, however, the man made many changes. He got a good job, went to counseling and started taking medication.

About a year and a half later, they connected and he apologized for everything, things @mels_scribblings felt she "never thought I would hear an apology for."

Eventually, the two started speaking more frequently, and then one day, the man confessed he was still in love with her.

But knowing what the TikToker wanted, he said he was going to let her go once and for all.

The TikToker, truly believing her former fling was in a better place now, couldn't stand not trying to make it work between them.

"I showed up at his apartment and I asked instead of letting me go, what if we just gave this a real chance."

She shared of their new relationship:

"I just did not know that I could be this happy."

The proposal came next.

"When he asked me to marry him, I said yes because he was my favorite person in the entire world. I laughed harder with him than I had ever laughed with anyone."

Soon after, though, the man ran into some misfortune, losing his job and the attached benefits and running into some issues with his housing situation.

Because the TikToker had benefits and could help her partner, they got married.

About two weeks into their marriage, however, things took a horrific turn.

One night while lying in bed, her new husband started laughing and then told her:

"I cannot believe that you are this stupid."

He told her that he had been lying about everything: taking medication, going to counseling, needing insurance. He was just afraid she wouldn't love him if he was honest with her.

When the creator argued that she had seen him take medicine, he claimed he just used an old prescription bottle filled with ibuprofen.

As for his weekly counseling sessions, he told her:

"I just don't talk to you for an hour a week."

Yeah, our jaws dropped, too.

You can watch below.


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Viewers of the TikTok were absolutely floored over the way the story played out.









The creator shared that the marriage lasted almost exactly a year, though she wanted it to be over sooner.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker detailed the demise of the marriage that was basically doomed from two weeks in, noting that things did get worse before they officially split.

Her husband turned her friends and family against her by spreading lies that completely isolated her from her support system.

Thankfully, the creator is now happily remarried and in a wonderful place.

She reminded her viewers:

"Please know you are worthy of love. If someone doesn’t love you, It is a them problem."
"Your life is an important thing to protect. There is hope and healing beyond the breaking."

You can watch the second part below.


Replying to @Dawn ⚠️ Ab^se. Follow-Up on #stitch with Susi. This is heavy. Please know ✨✨✨ you are worthy of love✨✨✨ if someone doesn’t love you? It is a 🫸🏽them🫷🏽problem. Your life is an important thing to protect. There is hope and healing beyond the breaking. #mentalhealth #ptsd #abuse #survivor #narcissist #storytime

We're so happy that she is out of that horrifying situation for good.