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Man's Tale Of Dropping His Soda In A Bathroom Stall Is Truly Mortifying


Writer Joe Grabinski will never bring a refreshing beverage with him into a public restroom stall ever again.

While sitting on the toilet, he clumsily dropped his cup, spilling its sticky contents all over the floor and into the adjacent stall in use by another occupant.

So now what?

"Just dropped a full soda with someone in stall next to me," Grabinksi tweeted, "All over their shoes. Sitting here in silence waiting it out."

Twitter had plenty to say about the unexpected splashing incident.

Mischievous Twitter users hoped the person in the stall next to him had a wild imagination.

There ought to be consequences.

Grabinski added some statistics and addressed the gravity of the situation.

Instead of a confrontation, he waited out the situation in silence.

Apparently, he didn't get much reaction from his neighbor.

This is probably not the best tactic.

Why not seize a networking moment?

This user shared a similar situation, and it actually sounds worse. Are people eating in toilet stalls now? Two actions in one sitting?

Had the shoe been on another person's foot, they might've tweeted:

No one steals drinks.

Remember: bathroom stalls are meant for dropping a deuce, not your drink.

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