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Man Caught In Viral Video Shaving On Train Opens Up About How Much It Has 'Screwed Up' His Life

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A man captured on video shaving on a New Jersey train and flicking the shaving cream and hair onto the floor has been identified as Anthony Torres.

He says he was on his way to see his brother after staying in a homeless shelter and sleeping under a bridge. It's not clear why he wasn't able to shave at the shelter, but Torres says it wasn't possible.

People on Twitter had lots of feelings about this and went in for the attack saying how "gross" and "disgusting" it is to flick shaving cream on the train, but now that he revealed his situation, it seems folks have had a change of heart and instead of attacking Torres for shaving on the train, they have turned their attention to attacking Pete Bentivegna, the man who took the video. His account is now shut down.

In another turn of events, people have gone from being disgusted by Torres' behavior to calling him brave and starting a GoFundMe to give him money.

(Let's hope it doesn't turn out like the Johnny Bobbitt case.

Some folks took it to the extreme...

Others weren't feeling the warm fuzzies around this story.

And then there was this sound advice.

No word if a GoFundMe Campaign has been started for the man now being shamed for taking the video shaming Torres, but we'll keep you posted.

H/T: Washington Post, BBC