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Massachusetts Man Accidentally Kills Neighbor With Crossbow While Attempting To Save Him From Dog Attack

Massachusetts Man Accidentally Kills Neighbor With Crossbow While Attempting To Save Him From Dog Attack
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On Wednesday, a man accidentally killed his neighbor while attempting to protect him from being mauled by dogs.

Unfortunately, sometimes when you try to help, you actually make the situation worse.

The victim, who has been identified as 27-year-old Joshua Jadusingh, had two Pitbulls who had a demonstrated history of aggression and fighting.

The Adams Police Department in Massachusetts received multiple calls at 12:09 PM on Wednesday reporting a domestic disturbance and dog mauling.

Among the callers was Jadusingh's next-door neighbor, who heard his cries for help. The neighbor said he stepped outside and could hear the dog attack in progress, so he returned to his home to grab the crossbow he uses when he goes hunting.

Upon entering Jadusingh's home, the neighbor could see one of the two Pitbulls at the foot of the stairs. There was a door closed ahead of the dog, where Jadusingh had barricaded himself in an attempt to avoid the attack.

In an effort to save Jadusingh, the neighbor fired his crossbow at the visible dog. The arrow struck the dog in the scruff of the neck, but it didn't stop there.

It passed through the dog's scruff and then shot through the door. The arrow struck Jadusingh, who was hiding just on the other side, and killed him.

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When they arrived at the home, the Pitbulls turned their attention to the Adams police and continued to attempt to attack. One of the police officers, who has not been identified, shot both dogs, killing them.

It was at this time the police discovered Jadusingh was dead on the scene. They also found a child closed in a nearby room, but they were left unharmed by the dogs.

The neighbor's identity has not been publicly released, but the Adams police have confirmed the shooting is being dealt with as an accident, and the neighbor is being cooperative with the investigation.

Also being investigated is the use of ballistics when the police arrived and stopped the dogs.

Twitter has been absolutely flabbergasted with the news. Most of their responses, instead of offering condolences, have focused on gun control and dark humor.

As the investigation continues, the police may uncover a few more details, but it looks like this was more of an unfortunate accident than anything else. A man was trying to be a good neighbor and save him from what could have been a brutal mauling.