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MAGA Fan In Blackface Demands To Know Where Colorado Target's Pride Section Is—In August

Ersilia Campbell was captured on video demanding to know where an Aurora, Colorado Target's Pride section was while donning blackface.

Twitter screenshots of Ersilia Campbell in blackface

A MAGA fan has sparked outrage online after she was captured on video demanding to know where an Aurora, Colorado, Target's Pride ection was while donning blackface.

The incident unfolded at a Target location, where former postal worker Ersilia Campbell embarked on an unhinged rant, touching on subjects such as "Whiteface" and Pride flags.

The video showing Target staff confronting Campbell about her offensive behavior can be seen below.


A woman in blackface went on a RANT at a Colorado #Target and #Starbucks while wearing #Trump stickers on her chest.

Blackface, historically rooted in racism, involves a non-black person darkening their skin with makeup to caricature a black person, perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

Despite being confronted by staff, Campbell remained unapologetic and attempted to justify her actions. She referenced an instance involving NBC journalist Lester Holt, who dressed up in "Whiteface" as part of a costume years ago. Campbell demanded to see Target's Pride section, expressing frustration upon learning that Pride Month had concluded in June.

In the video, she voiced confusion about the rainbow flag's significance, erroneously connecting it to her own views. Campbell left the store after making her offensive comments, declaring her refusal to shop at Target.

Later that same day, Campbell was spotted at a Starbucks while still in blackface, wearing Donald Trump campaign stickers on her attire.

She recorded herself, stating that she was en route to the post office for a job-related matter, seemingly finding amusement in the belief that her altered appearance would prevent recognition as she praised former President Donald Trump.

She said, in part:

"Hey, Facebook. I'm looking for a job today. I'm at Starbucks. I never treat myself to Starbucks since the post office got rid of me."
"I barely treated myself to Starbucks when I was working there. I couldn't afford it."
Trump is coming! ... Wish me luck, I'm going to the post office for a job. They will never recognize my picture now."

You can hear what she said in the video below.

Campbell was harshly criticized online and called out for her racist and homophobic stunt.

Campbell, a former Operations Supervisor at the United States Postal Service (USPS), had been let go from her position in February, as reported by TMZ.

USPS issued a bulletin alerting their employees about Campbell's status as a trespasser and encouraging them to report her presence to the Postal Inspection Service if she returned.

Campbell's family has reportedly since stepped in and placed her on a mental health hold.