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Madison Cawthorn Roasted For Tweet About '1984' That Sounds Like A 4th Grade Book Report

Madison Cawthorn Roasted For Tweet About '1984' That Sounds Like A 4th Grade Book Report
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Republican North Carolina Representative and valor-stealing Hitler enthusiast Madison Cawthorn is getting dragged online following a very weird tweet about the book 1984 that reads exactly like a grade-school book report. A very bad grade-school book report.

Cawthorn seems to have thought he was making a point--presumably about Democrats being tyrants for wanting to allow people to vote and endeavoring to do the bear minimum about the pandemic, or whatever. But instead he just ended up doing a face-plant.

Because this tweet of Cawthorn's? As seen below, it has LAYERS of dim-witted WTFness. And Twitter is absolutely roasting him for it.

Cawthorn tweeted, for some reason:

"1984 is a great fiction novel to read but it seems like it is becoming the reality we are currently living under more and more each day."

First of all, all novels are fiction. That's literally the definition of "novel." So we're already off to a great start.

More important: What is this syntax? Did a grade-schooler write this? Was it Take Your Niece or Nephew to Work Day and Cawthorn turned the social media reins over to an 11-year-old for the afternoon? Because this is absolutely the opening salvo to a book report by a grade-schooler who absolutely did not read 1984.

Representative Cawthorn, if you're reading this: Can you please summarize the plot of George Orwell's 1984? Off the cuff only, no Googling!

Of course, Cawthorn is only the latest Republican to namecheck1984, a dystopian novel by a socialist about a totalitarian world where war-mongering right-wing capitalists use propaganda and misinformation to distort truth and maintain power. (Sound familiar?)

Everyone from former Republican President Donald Trump's son Donald Trump Jr., to Republican Representative Lauren Boebert has referenced the book on Twitter of late. It's become Republicans' favorite way to slander, in the stupidest way possible, Democratic President Joe Biden as some sort of fascistic tyrant while betraying the fact that they've never cracked 1984, or any other book for that matter, in their entire lives.

But as low as that bar is, Cawthorn's tweet just might be the dumbest, and Twitter had a field day raking him over the coals.

We look forward to Cawthorn's next dim-witted tweet. It'll be hard to beat this one, of course, but if anyone can do it Cawthorn can. We believe in you, Madison!