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Live News Video Captures Cyclist Trying To Take A Selfie—And Failing In Humiliating Fashion


Taking selfies and driving is usually a pretty bad idea, so it stands to reason taking selfies while riding a bike would also be a bad idea.

One cyclist found this out the hard way. The worst part is it was immortalized on a live news broadcast for everybody to see.

MSNBC captured the moment when the cyclist fell off her bike in Santa Monica, California. In the background, she is clearly visible losing control of her bike and going down.

You can see the moment here:

The woman, while clearly embarrassed as people are forced to cycle around her while she gathers herself and gets back on her bike, luckily seemed uninjured.

She was able to get back up and walk away with her bike with very little issue.

The story reported was about the nurse's union's opposition to the CDC mask guidance in California, where Governor Gavin Newsom plans to release the mask mandate on June 15th after a year of serious difficulty and change for the Golden State.

And that year can be summed up perfectly by the struggle of this particular cyclist.

We are glad the woman seems to be okay.

But folks, if you're planning on taking a selfie within range of a national broadcast, perhaps refrain—unless you want your magnificent blunder to be captured for posterity.