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Lindsey Graham Tried To Beg For Money On Fox News Again, And They Awkwardly Cut Him Off

Fox News

The race for Lindsey Graham's South Carolina Senate seat is neck-and-neck, with his Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison, out-raising Graham with record donations from supporters.

This has prompted Graham to beg for money multiple times whenever he appears on television.

During a recent appearance on Fox News, he's just about to plead with the audience to donate money once again when host Laura Ingraham awkwardly cuts away before he can finish.

This is far from the first time Graham has made a ham-fisted attempt to boost his fundraising numbers.

In fact, a Twitter user cut many of them together into one convenient clip.

The rest of Twitter couldn't help but make fun of Graham's desperation.

It seems the Senator hasn't been as responsible with his funds as he should have been.

Meanwhile, it seems this clip of Graham has only helped Jaime Harrison to bring in more donations.

Graham's ardent support for Donald Trump, a complete reversal from his stance in 2016, has irked many voters in South Carolina.

Graham's critics enjoyed a healthy dose of schadenfreude at the Senator's expense.

If Graham wanted to raise some money to help his campaign, he might have had better luck if he tried not to come off as terrified and flailing against his better-funded opponent.