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Librarian's Sweet Story About 'Library Kids' Reading To Each Other Is Giving Us All The Feels

Influencer and librarian @mychal3ts shared a sweet story about kids and parents bonding over a book in Spanish in a sweet Instagram video.

Screenshot from @mychal3ts’ Instagram video

Mychal, also known as @mychal3ts, is an influencer and librarian who works at Solano Library in California.

Their bio reads:

“Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card📚”

A few days ago, they proved how true that it when they posted an Instagram Story Time video that garnered likes from all over.

In the video, Mychal chronicled the heartwarming interactions between several young library patrons who worked together to read a book in Spanish.

Watch below:

Mychal ended the video by saying, ""I'm now confident that library kids are going to save the world."

People all over the internet fell in love with the story.




Guess it’s time to visit the library again!