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Kayleigh McEnany Calls It A 'Travesty' The Media Gets Away With Lying—And The Irony Is Rich

Kayleigh McEnany Calls It A 'Travesty' The Media Gets Away With Lying—And The Irony Is Rich
Fox News

Kayleigh McEnany, former Press Secretary for Donald Trump who now works as a contributor at Fox News, recently appeared on Hannity to weigh in on a news report "linking the distribution of vaccines at Publix supermarkets in Florida to the chain's $100,000 contribution to a PAC supporting GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis."

After Hannity said Publix and DeSantis should sue, McEnany responded with a remark that prompted many chuckles on Twitter:

"It's just really important to point out that the standard is so high to hold any of these news organizations accountable."
"You have to prove intentional malice. It is extremely hard to prove. It's why '60 Minutes'—it's why the left, MSNBC, CNN, they get away with murder each and every day. They can say whatever they want because you can't hold them accountable. It's a travesty."

Twitter reminded McEnany she gained her political fame by consistently lying for then-President Trump.

Many thought McEnany should start holding herself accountable before she criticizes others.

Fox News, McEnany's newest employer, isn't exactly well-known for its loyalty to the unbiased truth.

Twitter dragged McEnany for her shamelessly hypocritical remarks.

If anyone in the media was to be held accountable for their misinformation, McEnany herself would likely be high on the list.

Kayleigh McEnany may not be working in the White House anymore, but it seems she's taken her same basic act over to Fox News, where it's been warmly welcomed.