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Lara Trump Says She's 'Thrilled' When Her Kids Get Sick In Bizarre Anti-Mask Rant On Fox News

Lara Trump Says She's 'Thrilled' When Her Kids Get Sick In Bizarre Anti-Mask Rant On Fox News
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Lara Trump said that she is actually glad when her kids get sick during a bizarre rant on Fox News' Fox and Friends.

Trump's screed came in response to President Biden's CNN Town Hall where he announced that unvaccinated children and those under 12 years old will have to comply with a mask mandate in school.

She cited the changing recommendations from the CDC as the virus and it's spread were better understood as a reason not to wear a mask.

"I think it's absolutely ludicrous. First of all, we know the efficacy of masks has been long disputed. It was Dr. Fauci who, a year and a half ago, remember, told us all if it makes you feel better, wear a mask."
"But we didn't have to wear masks originally. He said it wasn't going to really do anything. Then they told us masks, then they said three masks. But as it relates to kids, I mean, I can tell you it is almost impossible for my 3-year-old son to keep a mask on."

She also claimed that her daughter becoming ill was a good thing because it would "allow her to develop an immune system."

"My daughter, Carolina, last week had a cold. Every parent knows that's a nightmare. I have to tell you, I was so thrilled because I know that she is actually getting in contact with viruses and germs and bacteria that will allow her to develop an immune system."

Trump also claimed decried mandating masks for children as cruel, calling the decision "absolutely insane."

"This is absolutely insane that we are considering making these poor kids sit in school in masks. As a parent, I can tell you I am not going to be masking up my children. It is not going to happen for us."

You can watch Trump's whole rant on Fox and Friends below.

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Twitter didn't take long to call Trump out for her claims.

Even kids themselves realize that masks are important.

While Trump may not agree, experts are still advising masks for children who cannot yet be vaccinated.