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Landlord Gives Awkward Excuse After He's Caught Smelling Woman's Bed While She's Away


A creepy video of a woman's landlord smelling her pillow while she's away has garnered over 4.7 million views on TikTok.

The TikToker, Tyisha Macleod, shared video footage from her bedroom and living room to TikTok, exposing her landlord in her room while she was gone, as well as the moment he was caught by her friend walking in.


Let’s just say, I’ll be moving and getting out of my lease! Like for part 2! #creepy #landlordsfromhell #pt1 #foryoupage #canada🇨🇦🇨🇦

The voice over in the video said:

"This is my landlord."
"I was away for a couple of days."

In the video, you can see the man creeping into her room, putting the pillow from her bed into his face to take a deep smell.

The voice over continued:

"What the heck is he doing?"

He then places it back onto the bed and tried to put it the way he found it. Before leaving, he pulls up the comforter,, looks briefly, and puts it back down.

He exited the room very quickly as Macleod's friend walks in, who's there to feed the cat.

The first video was captioned:

"Let's just say, I'll be moving and getting out of my lease!"

Macleod also left a comment on one of the videos saying her friend has met the landlord before.


Her second video picks up where the last video left off, but from a different angle so you could see the front door and the two people talking.

She recorded a voice over that said:

"As you know, my friend who's supposed to be watching my cats walked in on [my landlord]."
"He told her that he was looking for my cats and feeding them while I was away."
"As most of you know, I did not give him permission to go into my home while I was away, let alone my room, and smell my bed and my pillows and see how good I smell."
"He was confronted with the video and said that he was, 'looking for my cat.'"

Macleod captioned this video with:

"I did contact police and I will be pressing charges!"
"Did I mention!? He went in my place multiple times while I was away!"


I did contact police and I will be pressing charges!. Did I mention!? He went in my place multiple times while I was away! 😫Like for pt3 #foryoupage

The reactions were all the same, this man is creepy and she needs to get out.










What's worse is the comments saying they had something similar happen to them.




Macleod also commented that she couldn't update more until she is finished working with Law Enforcement on the situation.


She also commented that it wasn't the only time her friend had caught him. She saw the landlord coming in at other times that she was there to feed the cats. How incredibly creepy.