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Kirk Cameron Claims 'Nefarious Forces' In Public Schools Are 'Killing God' In Mind-Numbing Rant

The actor and home school advocate has been on a crusade against 'woke institutions.'

Kirk Cameron
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for LIFEMARK Movie

Actor and far-right Evangelical Christian activist Kirk Cameron is the latest figure to attack teachers in a bizarre rant delivered on right-wing propaganda network One America News.

In his remarks, Cameron implied teachers and other public school staffers are evil liberals in league with some kind of malevolent spiritual force, bent on indoctrinating children to the usual Republican bogeymen, "socialism" and "communism."

Cameron also claimed these so-called "nefarious forces" are actually "killing God."

That was only the beginning of the list of things that made very little sense in Cameron's rant, which you can watch below.

Cameron began his rant by claiming liberals always use children as the targets for their "woke" evil.

"The target is always children and that's why God gave children to parents and not to governments and woke institutions that are staffed and manned by those who want to undermine the faith and values that made America great, that advanced the good."

So it follows, according to Cameron, liberals in league with the dark side always choose children as their battle ground.

"We shouldn't be surprised that nefarious forces are targeting children because the goal is ultimately the collapse of the family and the killing of God in America."
"What that does is that it destabilizes our moral and societal structures so they can then be replaced and reorganized with something different like progressive, socialist, communist ideas...and that has always been the plan."

"Whose plan?" you may be asking.

Cameron did not elucidate, nor did he explain how liberals are able to defeat God Himself when He is, you know... God.

Cameron's comments did not go over well with anyone online who is remotely in touch with reality.

Also missing from Cameron's comments?

An explanation for how overworked, underpaid teachers have the energy to fight God Himself via their students, or how this supposed cabal of "nefarious forces" has the numbers to do so given teachers are resigning en masse at unprecedented rates.

Almost seems like he made this whole thing up.