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Kid Uses Virtual Reality To Open Up About His Insecurities And Being Bullied In Earnest Viral Video

Kid Uses Virtual Reality To Open Up About His Insecurities And Being Bullied In Earnest Viral Video
Syrmor // YouTube

Virtual reality can be a welcome outlet for those struggling with insecurities, depression, and personal trauma. A young kid demonstrated this principle in action––and captured the internet's heart.

Bullying can have devastating affects on young children. YouTube user Syrmor posted to the platform a virtual chat with a young boy who opened up about his experiences. The video has since gone viral.

"I always seemed kind of annoying to my friends," the boy, speaking through a Kermit the Frog avatar, begins, "and I could never focus. I've never really been able to focus."

kid in vrchat talks about getting

He adds:

It's gotten to the point of like, tears, where I try to like do my math homework or something and I just can't. And I've always been able to, like in class if I couldn't focus. I've always been like very obedient, so like the teacher never really looked at me and noticed me for that stuff.

He opens about his struggles with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), saying he struggles with insomnia––"I probably make it worse by looking at screens and stuff," he says at one point––and endures a constant struggle to keep his mind "on track."

He also describes feelings of shame from missing social cues, classmates who seem indifferent or even aloof to his general awkwardness, and going to school anticipating that he'll be bullied. "They're gonna be really mean to me," he says.

All of this touched a nerve, from Twitter... Reddit...

It hit me like a truck it's the story of my life. The Robin Williams quote has always stuck with me "I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it's like to feel absolutely worthless and they don't want anyone else to feel like that. " my life sucks I and I hate myself and I try to make others feel better but I can't even make myself feel good what's the point in even trying.

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I wish I could VR chat and meet people like him. Kid seems like a genuinely nice dude. It really sucks he gets treated poorly or he feels bummed out about things because he's really quite eloquent for a 15-year-old and really seems solid. I hope things turn around for him.


Felt a lot like you growing up. Switched to homeschooling in high school to try and avoid that scene. Slowly gained confidence and life got better. I'm 32, it's not all perfect but I have amazing friends all over the world and an amazing wife and daughter. Really worked out and i feel lucky now. Loved hearing your thoughts on the world, I think your honesty is the key. Keep your chin up, you see what really matters and soon you'll see that is what really makes you "cool."


...and to YouTube.

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The internet can be a wholesome place.