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Anna Kendrick Manages To Find The Silver Lining After Her Twitter Account Was Briefly Hacked

Anna Kendrick Manages To Find The Silver Lining After Her Twitter Account Was Briefly Hacked
Jens Kalaene/picture alliance via Getty Images

Just over a week ago, Pitch Perfect and Twilight actress, Anna Kendrick, found herself feeling the pain so many of us have felt at one point or another: having one of our social media accounts hacked.

But when she found out her Twitter account had been compromised, Anna Kendrick responded in true Anna Kendrick fashion, finding the silver lining in an otherwise frustrating moment.

Over the course of approximately two hours that Saturday afternoon, Kendrick's account bombarded her over 7-million Twitter followers with tweets that used expletives, racial slurs, linked into inappropriate websites, and were overall un-Anna-Kendrick-like.

Fans of Kendrick and her films were quick to assume her account had been compromised, based on the nature of the tweets, as well as the unrealistic frequency of tweeting on an otherwise infrequently used account.

But true to Kendrick's nature, she managed to find some sort of silver lining in an account hack that just added to the mayhem of the year that is 2020.

Like so many of us who are feeling horribly isolated from friends, family, and even old acquaintances, Kendrick embraced the weird opportunity to reconnect that the breach gave her.

Kendrick exclaimed:

"Well, the fun thing about getting my Twitter briefly hacked is that people I hadn't heard from in years reached out to let me know."

And Kendrick's Twitter followers were downright happy for her after this little moment: happy to see her back on Twitter, to see her reunited with an old friend, and to see the issue had been solved.

Some replied to Kendrick's tweet, pointing out that the sheer number of tweets tipped them off.

A few also wished they were James, rich with the possibility of reconnecting with Kendrick.

A few followers also praised Kendrick's outlook on the situation.

Though getting your account hacked is nothing short of frustrating, Anna Kendrick has proven that it might be an opportunity for a few laughs, and maybe even to connect with some old friends.

During a year like 2020, with many of us still tucked away at home, that doesn't sound like the worst idea.